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Idolight 230 Mains Voltage Range - IP67

LED String Light - Mains Voltage
Our Connectable String Lights are the perfect foundation for any lighting display. Available in various colours and lengths.
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LED Icicle Light - Mains Voltage
Connectable Icicle Lights are versatile and infinitely flexible. Perfect for terraces, fences, porches, lofts, streets and shopping centre installations.
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LED Curtain Light - Mains Voltage
Our LED Connectable Curtain Lights are suitable for various outdoor locations, including building facades, window displays, and shopping centres.
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LED Net Light - Mains Voltage
Idolight Net Lights are ideal for use in the garden, around trees, draping bushes or suspended horizontally to form a night sky canopy.
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LED Rope Light - Mains Voltage
Idolight Rope Light is perfect for the decoration of 2D and 3D motifs as well as enhancing building architectural details.
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LED Festoon and Lamps - Mains Voltage
Festoon lighting is hugely popular at the moment, and they are incredibly versatile, creating the perfect atmospheric lighting wherever you need it.
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Accessories and Connectors - Mains Voltage
Connect complex product groups neatly and quickly, and in complete safety, to light up extraordinary projects
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Easy to install Connectable Lights for Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Events Companies