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For Commercial Connectable LED Lighting

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About Us

Our Company

Connectable Lights is brand owned by Fizzco Limited. Connectable Lights, established in 2019, focuses on offering unique lighting solutions to companies across the United Kingdom. With a combined experience of over 35 years in the installation and lighting industry, the exclusive and unique lighting range is designed to offer products not readily available elsewhere in the UK.

Our Vision

We have been thinking about how we can make creating lighting displays even easier, quicker, safer and more creative We have come up with a game-changing solution. Our new Connectable Lights systems. Connectable lights, as the name suggests, can be connected from one power source, making them the ideal solution for lighting displays of any size!

Our Approach

So why is our new system so different? The Easy Joint system is the connection system specifically conceived for our products that enables you to link, extend and split power supplies, chains and decorations in a safe and easy way, with no tools needed. This means there are significant reductions in installation times and maximum ease during staging phases, allowing a decrease of risks and costs, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the lighting display and less time detangling and assembling.

Our Process

Health and safety is a very important consideration with installing lighting displays. Maximum safety is achieved through the specialist joint system meaning absolute protection against water ingress. This new innovative lighting technology allows you to achieve the finest aesthetics, magical ambience and efficient completion of projects because the Easy Joint range allows you to achieve neat and elegant wiring, meaning no mass of untidy cables ruining the overall look of your creation. This new connectable lights system is going to change the game of lighting displays. You can achieve a designer display with ease; you can make any indoor or outdoor space a lighting spectacular.

Easy to install Connectable Lights for Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Events Companies